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History of the National Hansen's Disease Museum
Introduction to the Permanent Exhibitions

The National Hansen's Disease Museum was established for the purpose of eradicating the prejudices and discrimination associated with Hansen's disease and restoring the dignity of patients and former patients by promoting public edification and dissemination of accurate information regarding the disease.

- Hansen's disease is a chronic infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium Leprae.
- Not all cases of Mycobacterium Leprae infection result in Hansen's disease. Nowadays, only a few develop the disease.
- Nor does the disease progress rapidly once contracted.
- The initial symptoms include skin patches and loss of sensation.
- Before drugs to counter Hansen's Disease were invented, the disease often resulted in disfigurement and left disabities even when cured.
- The disability and disfigurement often caused stigma and discrimination.
- Treatment is available now. With early detection and treatment, the disease can be cured with no disability.

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